FedEx Ground Fit-Out

Creative Solutions Achieve Efficiencies and Deadlines

Legacy Electrical Services, Inc. was contracted to perform the electrical scope of work for a FedEx distribution facility in Macungie, PA. The purpose of the project was to prepare approximately 200,000 square feet of space in an existing warehouse shell to receive the conveyor systems and equipment required by the logistics company. The project included adding a substantial amount of high bay lighting, remodeling and adding onto existing office space, adding additional bathroom space, a guard shack, site work, fire alarm, door security and adding to the building electrical distribution system.

The space received considerable lighting improvement. Over 200 LED high bay fixtures were added to the processing space with each containing individual motion control for improved energy efficiency. The office area, bathrooms and guard shack were fitted with high efficiency lighting and occupancy controls as well.

Door security and related systems were also included in the electrical scope. All exterior mandoors in the processing area were fitted with Detex alarms that trigger when the door is opened. The 35 dock doors in the project area were fitted with dock lights and fans and also red/green dock safety lights.

Finally, Legacy handled the electrical site work portion of the project. The purpose of which was to add 10 pole mounted power stations to provide power for truck block heaters. Legacy self-performed the excavating work involved and contracted a directional boring company for a road crossing to avoid unnecessary blacktop repair. To complete the power stations, steel beams were anchored into the ground with concrete, painted OSHA Yellow and fitted with weatherproof receptacles for the customer’s use.

The biggest challenge encountered on this project was the schedule. In preparation for the heavily loaded holiday shipping season, the scope of work was condensed into a tight three-month timeframe. In order to meet the aggressive schedule, Legacy mobilized additional crews for specific aspects of the project and used careful planning and scheduling to ensure that all portions of the project were completed on time. In order to increase efficiency and greatly streamline the material handling process on a project site of this size, Legacy utilized an all-terrain utility vehicle for material handling allowing a trailer to be towed around the site and inside the building.