Is your Home Electrical System in Optimal Condition?

A home’s electrical system operates similarly to the body. When one organ is not functioning properly the entire system is at risk. Just as blood flow is necessary to keep the body alive, electrical flow is what keeps your appliances, devices, and lights running. Routine electrical maintenance keeps your systems operating at their best and protects you and your home from potential safety concerns.

One of the biggest threats to your home electrical system is a faulty breaker panel. If the panel in your home goes down, it can pose a significant safety issue, not to mention the inconvenience. Dust, debris, or loose connections can cause your electrical panel to malfunction, putting your business or home at risk for tripped circuit breakers and power outages. Circuit breakers trip (shut off) when the circuit is overloaded. They are safety devices, meant to prevent damage to electrical devices or to the home itself. If the breaker did not trip to shut off the power, overloaded circuits could start fires or even cause potential hazards.

The purpose of regular electrical maintenance is:

  • Protect your Equipment – electrical maintenance is not a DIY project. There are numerous risks including further damage, physical harm, and fire. However, being aware of potential warning signs in your electrical panel and knowing when to call in a professional is important.

What to watch for? burning smells, buzzing sounds, frequent breaker trips, and flickering lights, could be signs of a malfunction.

  • Prevent Future Problems – having the freedom to upgrade your home is rooted in the current infrastructure. Keeping your electric maintenance up-to-date in the present gives you the flexibility to add upgrades such as central air, improved lighting, or a security system in the future. Preventative maintenance can also save you from an emergency or more expensive repair in the future.

Thinking about upgrading? central air, exterior lighting, security system or new garage door, then make sure your system can handle the upgrade

One way for you to take a step towards securing your home today is to go through a home safety evaluation with a company like Legacy. If you already recognize a potential problem in your home, your emergency becomes our priority.  For most emergency calls, the technician will troubleshoot and repair your electrical issue in one service call. You should expect the technician to review any necessary repairs with you and provide an easy-to-follow plan with a quote before starting any work. 


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