What is a Legacy?

What does it mean to leave behind a Legacy?

To us, it means – having an influence that transcends beyond physical projects to leave a lasting impact on our clients, our team, our community, and the industry at large.  Leaving a Legacy is to imprint the future.  This is the why behind Legacy.

Starting out with a bucket of tools in a van, founder Joshua Mellott, envisioned something much bigger.  Ryan Groff, Vice President, came alongside this dream to build the commercial and industrial divisions. This collaboration has developed it into the Legacy of today – a team of experts on a mission to illuminate vision.

While we are a commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services contractor, at our core, we are far more interested in the relationships being forged and the impact that we have on everyone we encounter than the millions of miles of conduit we run or the countless training hours we invest.

As an organization we operate within 12 “Around Here” statements or actionable behaviors that every member of the team is held accountable to daily. There “Around Here” statements address everything from safety; arriving ready to work; and getting a job done right, efficiently and within scope.  These statements apply to the estimating process, project management, as well as to the job site.   While all twelve are equally weighted, the three that best encapsulate the Legacy approach to business include:

Around Here…

We Remain Teachable – We understand that learning from our experiences is the most efficient way to grow. For that purpose, we are constantly looking to improve who we are and what we do.

We Communicate – We are dedicated to talking through solutions, frustration, and ideas in a constructive way

We Find Solutions, Not Problems – We maintain a positive attitude and choose constructive speech to overcome obstacle as a solution-based organization.

Taking a relationship-first approach to business doesn’t mean that quality work and cutting-edge technology are left in the dust. If anything, the character of our team drives a pride of craftsmanship that elevates us to go beyond industry standards in processes, training, communication, and technique.  We strive to seek out partners who have similar values and capabilities, so that together we push the status quo.

We hope that this inspires you to consider what you want your story … your culture … your trajectory to be, and ask yourself, “What legacy will I leave behind?”


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